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1. What is TotalPorn?

TotalPorn.com was created in 2009 by an intelligent group of engineers that saw a major gap in the market. It features thumbnails of popular porn videos from all of the best porn sites and lets you sort by a variety of categories. The selection of Free Porn sites and categories is continuously growing along with other features that will truly let the site live up to its Total Porn name.

If you are a Porn Site Owner and would like to be included, please see the submission guidelines below.

2. Site Submission

*We will be updating our submission process to make site submission easier; in the meantime, if you are you a Porn Site Owner and would like to be included as one of the free porn sites that has its content featured on TotalPorn.com, feel free to submit an MRSS feed with your videos for consideration.

To be considered for inclusion, your porn site must have exclusive video content and the videos must play on your destination porn site.

Please email your MRSS Feed to marketing@totalporn.com and a TotalPorn representative will get back to you shortly.

If you are unsure what an MRSS feed looks please see examples at Yahoo Media RSS

Ideally your feed will provide the following data about your videos:

  1. Video Title
  2. Video Description
  3. Porn Category of Video
  4. URL of Video
  5. Thumbnail Image URL
  6. Embed Code of Video (*If Available)
  7. Run Time of Video
  8. Expiration Date of Video
  9. Keywords / Tags
  10. Any Restrictions
    1. Geographic Region
    2. Language in Video
    3. Subtitle Language in Video

3. Contact Us

Email: marketing@totalporn.com